Why Some Individuals Enjoy ‘Watersports’ – And What This Really Is Like

Why Some Individuals Enjoy ‘Watersports’ – And What This Really Is Like

It’s really a taboo – but interestingly typical – kink. Esquire’s online sex columnist describes why

Yesterday evening news trickled in of a report that is unconfirmed president-elect Donald Trump of indulging in exactly what the protection solutions call a ‘perversion’ – paying women to urinate for a resort sleep Obama had slept in while in Russia.

Although Trump denied it, the whole story has individuals speaking (and joking) about watersports, and also as a dabbler we felt compelled to provide an understanding of this kink – why do individuals enjoy it? What is the selling point of either giving or getting a ‘golden shower’?

A penchant for watersports – or maybe more theoretically ‘urolagnia’ – isn’t exactly unusual. A year ago within a study that is nationwide Channel 4’s ‘Great Uk Sex Survey’, it arrived in at no. 9 in britain’s top intimate fetishes. Stats on kinks – specially taboo kinks – are notoriously difficult to gather, because you can find a lot of things a lot of us enjoy that we’re reluctant to acknowledge. Also still, the study estimated that one or more million people that are british into watersports – a figure this is certainly nevertheless pretty high, and created down by other information.

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