Why did my spouse have an affair?

Why did my spouse have an affair?

Dear Dr. Stanton:

I will be a specialist that has been hitched for two decades. My family and marriage might be referred to as idyllic. We have healthier sex-life, we communicate and I also have always been affectionate and focused on my wedding and family members. As a therapist We have had clients that are many and influenced by infidelity and this training and experience is certainly not assisting me within my situation.

Listed here is my situation (my partner will abide by my synopsis). I consequently found out four weeks ago that my spouse happens to be associated with an affair with another guy for 3 years that are. She states it had been over in the summertime but she ended up being caught by buddies having a meal with this particular guy when you look at the fall. This guy is 40-50 lbs. Overweight, loud, abrasive, opinionated and has a nagging problem with liquor. He could be a high roller but is disliked by numerous people. We may include that he is perhaps not appealing even yet in the essential charitable of lenses.

By comparison I will be the age that is same this guy, we work out and stay in shape i will be more about the appealing side than maybe not and I also perform good with everybody. My spouse states like him, b) he was gregarious and opinionated and very different from me that it was her idea to initiate the affair, she found herself attracted to this man because a) her friends didn’t. She’s stated and I also believe really that the sex ended up being sub-standard; apparently this guy in conjunction with a big stomach has a little ‘family organ’.

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