Foreign By Ko Shu-ling / STAFF REPORTER

Foreign By Ko Shu-ling / STAFF REPORTER

International wives bow to pay for their respects to your instructor of these international spouses class that is `training in the very very very first day of course. The Taipei City federal federal federal government has sponsored four such classes this current year in a bid to greatly help international brides adapt to culture that is taiwanese.


O ver days gone by decade, Taiwan has seen a growing amount of international women marrying into regional families. Just like all marriages, some of those cross-cultural unions suffer while other people succeed.

Due to their backgrounds, international brides may encounter more problems than their Taiwanese counterparts. Both governmental agencies and private organizations have various levels of assistance available to them, as long as they reach out for help to help them better cope with the difficulties of inter-cultural marriage.

Data released by the Cabinet’s Ministry of this Interior show that as of July in 2010 there have been about 100,000 brides that are foreign Taiwan, about 50 % of whom had been from Asia even though the partner had been from Southeast Asia.

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