If you decide not to ever repay and keep carefully the phone it should be turned in at a T-Mobile shop

If you decide not to ever repay and keep carefully the phone it should be turned in at a T-Mobile shop

End of Lease turn-in

You may then opt to begin a brand new rent on a new phone or consult with all of us about other update choices, such as for example EIP. Whenever you get back a leased phone, it should be in good working condition. Make certain the phone:

  • Does not have any cracks or other harm to the display screen. online installment loans instant approval
  • Is not damaged by contact with fluid.
  • Can energy on.
  • Is not materially modified, this includes both the initial equipment & pc pc software.
  • Doesn’t have triggered anti-theft features, such as Find the iPhone.

To finish your JOD lease ahead of the 18-month rent term expires, you will find a number of choices:

  • Turn into the phone at a location that is retail good performing condition and spend the entire number of the rest of the month-to-month rent installments or
  • Spend the residual lease that is monthly and the full buy Option Price (POP) as mentioned on the rent agreement and maintain the phone.

Set a Purchase Option Installment up Arrange (POIP) online at the conclusion of one’s rent

A POIP is an optional no-interest, nine-month installment want to spend a device off that’s not turned in after your rent has ended.

  1. Log in to My T-Mobile.
  2. Under JUMP! On need lease click View rent details.
  3. Simply Simply Click Get Installment Arrange.
  4. Review the re payment information. A repayment flow from when it comes to fees today after which you will see nine monthly premiums.
  5. Enter re re re payment details, then click Agree & carry on.
  6. Finish the e-signature process.
  7. When the deal is complete, a verification message shows.

Sign your agreement

  1. Start the e-mail sent from t-mobile-sign-your-eip current email address.
  2. Click on the t-mo.co/Device_agreement website link.
  3. On top of this screen review the consent to electronic documents check the container and then click maintain.
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