State Yes to Undress, Then Things Get Complicated

State Yes to Undress, Then Things Get Complicated

In the event you missed the news headlines that old-fashioned courtship is dead, nude individuals on VH1 stand ready to enlighten you. As well as in instance you thought that television systems had developed beyond wanting to attract audiences with cheesy titillation — ditto.

Yes, it is time for “Dating Naked,” a real possibility show starting Thursday on VH1 in which just-introduced strangers trying to find love are nude through the get-go. This comes nine times following the brand new FYI channel, an A&E offshoot, introduced “Married in the beginning Sight”

by which strangers paired by expected specialists start their relationship by marrying, then decide whether they like one another.

Both programs are likely unavoidable next steps in television’s effort that is endless capitalize on the individual need certainly to set up, which extends right right right back to “The Dating Game” for the 1960s and runs through “The Bachelor,” “The Millionaire Matchmaker” and odd variants like “It Takes a Church.”

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