Let’s say he scored 13/20. Well, he def programs a lot of dilemmas.

Let’s say he scored 13/20. Well, he def programs a lot of dilemmas.

I’ve told him he does 13 out of the 20 parts that he is controlling and after reading this. Should he is made by me check this out or exactly just just what do I need to do? Many Thanks, E

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My ex had 15 of the characteristics. And some other behaviours that are bizarre aren’t detailed. We’ve split up 3 times-the behavior CANNOT CHANGE they only hide it and come straight back to it. End it cool turkey for your benefit. Unfortuitously our company is having an infant together. I worry the ongoing future of working with their lies and manipulation. They wear a mask and appearance therefore sincere and stable to other people. They may not be.

All the best. Avoid being brainwashed. They just do not love you prefer they might state. Just understand that.

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Perhaps maybe Not love after all

It took me personally a whilst, Becky, to comprehend that most “Everyone loves yous” were simply BS. It is their means of manipulating me, therefore he is able to will have me personally. We also sabotaged myself making love he doesn’t get his bad mood back with him, so. Now, i recently don’t think it any longer, and it’s really therefore definitely better that thinking it. I assume I’m finally free.

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I’m able to relate

We wholeheartedly agree and may connect with your remark. We sabotaged myself during sex with him to “keep him delighted” too. It was soooo difficult because my thoughts were not with it. He constantly told me I becamen’t showing sufficient love and that i did not care. Therefore anytime we was not showing love. You understand. Just residing? He’d get therefore upset and bothered. On the couch or holding him while he or I was doing something, he would just tell me I just didn’t care if I wasn’t holding his hand in the car, laying next to him. He thought him enough that I wasn’t loving.

Funny because he did 20 away from 20 on that list. It absolutely was insane! I becamen’t pleased.

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